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Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.
– Tyler Durden, Fight Club

I loved this quote when I read it and had to build on it as I thought more about advertisements. Whether advertisements are good or bad, they are a part of life. So much so that we don’t think about it in a conscious way everyday. Think about it, it’s all around us no matter what you are doing in your  life.

Advertisements can be manipulative in a sense. If a person really thinks about it, ads are able to control our choices. If a person sees an ad they are more likely to want the product that is being advertised. If an ad is interesting, it is going to stick in a person’s memory. This can be a negative thing because it can make you think about the ad over and over again. Ads can keep you from really thinking about what you are going to buy, because they spark an emotional response and make you feel like you need the product that you see on an advertisement. Advertisements can influence the way a person spends their money.

If there was no advertisements then envision this scenario. An alarm rings to wake you up, the television switches on and programs stream past without a single disruptive advertisement. The newspaper lies open on the kitchen table brimming with articles line to line, devoid of the advertisements that provoke such a strong irritation within you. No more discounts, no more coupons, just pure media content. This is good news for the millions of banner blinds. There will be no more banner and display ads suggesting brands you might need as if the ad industry knew what you needed in your life.

But on the other hand, a single advertisement has the ability to bring benefit to both the producer and the consumer, in the sense that as the consumer finds a product of interest and subsequently purchases the said merchandise, then the producer, in return for providing the consumer with a product of interest, would gain a profit from the sale.

It is essential to truly think about the message an ad is conveying. Advertisements convey various different messages depending on what it is for. If a person does not really think about the things that are being said, they will most likely give in to the advertisement. This is what advertisers want people to do. The main purpose is to get people to give in and buy the product, see the movie or whatever the case may be. The negative and positive aspects of an advertisement should both be considered. If a person really considers the things about the advertisement, he or she will be better off. The main reason that advertisements are displayed is to inform people about different products that they may be interested in buying.

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