4 Reasons Execution Matters More Than Knowledge

infojuice.comEntrepreneurs, sales people and C-suite executives who build big businesses do so because they are predisposed to act.

Source: 4 Reasons Execution Matters More Than Knowledge

One of the keys to execution is focus. You may want to achieve a hundred different things, but most of us find it impossible to focus on more than four all-important goals. In fact, four may be too many. I would suggest erring on the side of success: Choose your top three and pursue excellence uncompromisingly in these areas. A relentless focus makes a positive outcome all the more likely.

I really enjoyed reading this article as it reinforce my belief about business, or for that matter any plans. I always liked the quote from General Patton- “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” I have been guilty of procrastinating and dreaming up plans but late in executing them. Need to learn and remember to execute.

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