Hit the road, Jack, with one of our favorite smartphone chargers for your car


Most of us buy into the promise of marathon battery life from our smartphones when we opt for a new one, but within months, it often seems like our phones can’t hold a charge long enough to make a phone call, play some tunes, or even direct us to the closest gas station.

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Thankfully, there’s an assortment of capable phone chargers available for your car, whether you’re an Apple or Android aficionado, to help make sure power isn’t an issue when you’re on the road. Some have enough energy to simultaneously charge your smartphone and tablet, while others distinguish themselves from the pack with a streamlined design and built-in cables. Below are a few of our personal favorites, from the likes of Moshi and Incipio. Just don’t forget your eyes on the road — no one likes a $250 fine or a fender bender.

The Best

Moshi Car Charger Duo ($25)

Moshi charger 1

Moshi has quickly and quietly become the undisputed king of all things charge related. The Moshi Car Charger Duo — previously known as the Moshi Revolt Duo — is a testament to the company’s steadfast approach to charging, offering two USB ports rated at 2.1A (10-watt) for energizing two devices at once. The anodized-aluminum cover is about as attractive as it gets for a car charger, adorned with a simple LED indicator light that issues a faint glow in the dark. The charger’s power management circuitry provides under-current and over-current protection, but it’s the charger’s subtle design that makes Moshi’s flagship offering a favorite.

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The Rest

Scosche reVOLT Dual ($13+)

Scosche reVOLT Dual

Scosche’s reVOLT Dual is not much of a looker, but the compact charger sports a low-profile frame that sits flush in most vehicle power sockets. Unlike some other chargers in our roundup, each USB port on the sleek device supplies 2.4A (12-watt) of power, which means it’s capable of charging two tablets at a time. The high output also allows it to charge a smartphone quicker than most standard chargers. Oh, and we can’t resist anything that has glowing USB ports.

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AmazonBasics Dual USB Charger ($8)

Amazon charger 3

Amazon’s line of electronic accessories is enticing. The Seattle-based giant offers a bevy of gadgets, from HDMI cables to camera tripods, all of which tout simple functionality while keeping the price to a minimum. The lightweight Dual USB Charger is no different, providing two USB ports that each supply 2A of juice. A convenient, discrete LED indicator tells you when the charger is properly positioned in the cigarette lighter and ready to charge your device(s).

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Anker PowerDrive 5 ($20)

Anker PowerDrive 5

Family road trips can be demanding, on both your smartphone and your patience. Fortunately, Anker’s five-port charger is designed for the rare instances when you might need more than just one or two USB ports. The robust, 50-watt device outputs 10A overall — enough to simultaneously power five phones or four tablets — while housing premium circuitry that’s designed to prevent your expensive lineup from overcharging. The unique design also places the hub at the end of a cable, so you can rest the charger on the center console and charge everyone’s devices without having to buy extra-long cords. The polished finish and 18-month warranty only help justify the price.

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Incipio Dual Auto Charger ($30+)

Incipio charger 5

Incipio is a household name when it comes to cables, cases, and chargers. The company’s Dual Auto Charger doesn’t vastly differ from others on our list. The USB port provides 2.4A of power, for example, but it does feature a built-in Lightning cable for added convenience. It’s also relatively sleek, with rubberized sides and a vibrant, blue indicator light on the front for checking the charging status of your device at a glance. It’s on the pricier side, but you’ll also never have to worry about forgetting your cable.

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