15 Gangster Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See and the Lessons They Teach


We’re rebels in the United States. Literally. We live in country created by the most successful collection of rebels in world history, a group of elite intellectuals and tough-as-nails fighters who changed the direction of the world by defying the laws of a great empire.

So, it’s not surprising a serious rebellious streak runs through the American psyche. It also explains our long-running fascination with pirates, bandits, outlaws and, of course, gangsters.

Gangsters became such a fascination in the early 20th century that Hollywood, always looking for a new trend, jumped on it with gusto. They haven’t stopped since. Some of the most memorable films of all time come from this genre, which touches on so many factors that make up America, including an entrepreneurial spirit.

Of course, the entrepreneurs in these cases work outside the law, which is not advisable (a point all of these movies make, usually). But in watching these movies from the perspective of a business owner, each offers a lessons we could all do well to remember.

Take business classes to learn finance, management and data analysis. Watch these movies to have certain basic rules illustrated in every colorful way.

And be warned: we can’t avoid a few spoilers.

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