Save $50 on these Sony wireless headphones and cut out all that outside noise


Sometimes it’s nice to just put on a pair of headphones and block out all the noise. But if you want to float away to some sweet tunes, you’ll need the right pair of headphones.

That’s where the Sony XB950N1 wireless headphones come in. Right now, the headphones are discounted to $198 on Amazon, which is $50 off the original price of $249.99.

Image: Sony

These are the kind of headphones that will help you ignore all those outside noises that assault your ears everyday. No more babbling coworkers, no more loud subway chewers (gross), and definitely to more jackhammers outside your window. The internal noise-cancelling will cut out as much external noise as it can so you can enjoy all the music, podcasts, and Netflix binges you want.  Read more…

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